Video door entry consists of both outside and indoor elements an outdoor panel on the outside, an electronic lock release and an indoor monitor. The outdoor panel or street panel is installed beside the entrance door or gateway and incorporates different elements ready for use in any climate conditions: one or several pushbuttons to make the call (usually one per home or apartment), a micro camera adapted for night vision to capture the image of the caller, a microphone to pick up their voice and a speaker to reproduce the voice of the occupant indoors. A video door entry panel may include push buttons to call the homes or offices and a camera to capture the street scene. The video entry monitor allows the occupant to see who has called, talk to the visitor and open the door. Installed indoors, the monitor consists of a screen showing the image of the person calling, a microphone and earpiece for conversation and a pushbutton to trigger the door lock release. The communication set up is full duplex. The electric door release is a device installed in the door lock and operated from inside the building to lift the latch and clear the way for the visitor.

The video door phone system is characterized by its ability to provide an audio as well as video identification of the visitor thereby allowing you to recognize them and only then let them enter the premises. The working and design of the door intercom is based on an outdoor panel placed outside and an indoor monitor. On the outside panel are a camera, one or more pushbuttons through which a call can be placed, a microphone and a speaker. On the inside, the monitor has a screen to see the person who has called or is standing outside, a microphone and earpiece for communication and a pushbutton to release the door lock.

There are several variations on this basic format. In addition to outdoor panels with one push button per apartment, it is possible to find others with a numeric keypad: in this case, designed for large residential installations, the homes are identified by codes. Others have built-in cardholders panels or even small screens to guide the user or facilitate entry for people with disabilities. Some video entry monitors have an earpiece similar to a telephone handset, while others are "hands-free". Other examples are monitors with memories which store an image every time someone calls at the door or touchscreen video entry systems.

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1. Are all video door phones Wi-Fi enabled?

Unfortunately, they are not. Only certain models will support Wi-Fi. But if want please explain us our tnt enterprises technician can suggest or bring you device

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Most video door phones come with a warranty. If the model were to suffer any damage during the warranty period, you can get it repaired/serviced for free.

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